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Information for Organisations

Employee Assistant Programs

Caring Matters are available to provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to staff in other organisations and Government Departments. If you are interested in speaking with us about development of a memorandum of understanding and service delivery please contact us on 0421 770 022 or

Resilience Training

Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from adversity and hardships. Resilient people experience greater mental flexibility, enhanced motivation levels and function at their best capacity. They have strong social and support networks that help them to get the best out of their own natural ability. Resilient people get “knocked over” by life and suffer emotionally and mentally but they get back up, dust themselves off and learn the skills they need to keep on going.

​Caring Matters offer small group or individual training in personal care and wellbeing (avoidance of ‘burnout’) to staff in other organisations.


Psychotherapy supervision has long been regarded as a key means by which therapist trainees learn to become effective psychotherapists.

Caring Matters offer professional supervision to developing practitioners to:

  • enhance supervisees’ skills, competence and confidence
  • provide a reflective space and emotional support
  • provide assistance with professional development
  • ensure that services to clients is safe, ethical and competent
  • ensure compliance with professional and organisational treatment standards & practice guidelines.

​Whilst supervisees may require guidance and direction at times, we view effective supervision as a collaborative process, wherein supervisees take an active role in:

  • choosing what aspect of their practice to focus on and explore
  • determining how the supervisor-supervisee dyad works together
  • offering feedback about the experience of the supervisory process and the relationship
  • developing and being accountable to their own professional standards.


What would it mean for you if you could begin to create the life you really want and be in control of the results you are getting in every area of your life?

If you’ve wanted something more out of life but aren’t sure what it is…

If you have tried to make changes in the past without success…

If you have a specific goal but are not sure how or if you can achieve it…

If you would you like assistance in discovering your individual and unique purpose in life…

If you are interested in finding out how to pursue your dreams and to be able to love the life you are living you may benefit from life coaching.

Life coaching can assist you to live a more fulfilled life and provide you with the skills and the necessary training to enable positive change.

Contact Raylene on 0421 770 022 to discuss how life coaching may assist you.